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The Little Gym® Europe

CEO Letter

Every child is different and every child is unique, but they all have one thing in common – potential.

At The Little Gym, we are in the business of unleashing potential. We are passionate about helping children develop life skills that they can call on at school, with family and friends, playing sport… and later on, in their chosen careers.  

We believe fun learning is the most powerful learning. If your child’s eyes are sparkling in our Gyms, then something special is happening. That’s when your children will grow the most, and that’s when our instructors know that they are really making a difference.

We also believe that fun should have a serious edge, and that’s why we call our classes Serious Fun. They are built on a sophisticated curriculum designed by international child development experts -- a curriculum that has been tried and tested, and honed and polished for more than 40 years.

Using our Serious Fun curriculum, we help children to love who they are. We help them learn to take calculated risks when they are frightened. Encourage them to speak up when they are shy. And teach them that they have value. We nurture, accept, encourage, and connect.  

And along the way, these brave, lovely, laughing children build physical strength, coordination and motor skills. They learn to conquer the high beam, control their bodies as they tumble and fly through the air, build the strength to stand on their hands, and learn that yes, they can do it!

Our Gyms would be nothing without our incredible team of owners and instructors. We have more than 300 instructors and owners running our 45 gyms across Europe. While our curriculum is world class, it is our passionate The Little Gym team, running gyms and delivering classes every day, that make the difference.

For our gym owners, The Little Gym isn’t just an entrepreneurial opportunity – it is a life decision. Every The Little Gym owner has a unique story of how The Little Gym has helped unleash their potential. Several of our owners started as instructors in our gyms. Many others experienced The Little Gym as parents, connected to our vision and passion, and wanted to share The Little Gym concept with other children around the world.

The Little Gym will continue to grow in Europe, but only as we find more of the right people. The kind of people that are passionate about developing and growing the next generation, and recognise the power of making little eyes sparkle.

And we will never compromise. Potential just can’t be compromised… it should be unleashed.  

Alexander de Wit
Founder & CEO
The Little Gym Europe